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Experience. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio and New York City, Aljijakli & Kosseff, LLC, handles all aspects of immigration law with an emphasis on difficult deportation and family-based cases. Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff are experienced immigration attorneys and have successfully represented individuals nationwide before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigration courts and federal courts throughout the country, Board of Immigration Appeals, Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Consulates worldwide. Based on their experiences working at leading law firms and reputable government agencies, Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff are equipped to handle complex cases involving deportation and removal, asylum, family-based and employment immigration, U.S. citizenship, and non-immigrant visas. Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff combine their expertise in immigration law to offer an individualized approach and creative solutions for every client, whether your situation involves getting a marriage-based visa, applying for political asylum, understanding how an arrest can affect your immigration status, or aggressively fighting your removal case in court. Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff know and understand how complex the immigration process is and the major consequences of a simple mistake, which is why they have dedicated their practice to helping individuals, families and employers with their immigration-related issues.

Superior client service. Our mission is to offer utmost care, respect, and attention coupled with quality, affordable service for your particular situation. Recognizing that the immigration process can be confusing and stressful, Aljijakli & Kosseff, LLC ensures that our clients are aware of what is happening in their case during every important step and we are responsive to their input, concerns, and questions at all times. We work closely with our clients as a team to develop the strongest strategy possible for their individual cases. Both Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff also offer a special cultural sensitivity and understanding based on their personal backgrounds, life experiences, and extensive travel abroad.

Our history. Immigration attorneys, Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff, came together in 2011 to form Aljijakli & Kosseff, LLC. The pair began as law school classmates at Brooklyn Law School and partners in the school's immigration clinic, successfully representing an Ivorian man in his asylum claim and paving the way for their careers as immigration lawyers. During law school, both were recognized for their dedication to serving the public and selected as Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellows.

Both Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff have handled complicated immigration matters in various settings, including top immigration law firms as well as reputable government agencies, including the Executive Office for Immigration Review where they worked closely with immigration judges to assess deportation cases and developed intimate knowledge of how the U.S. Immigration Court system functions. Both attorneys offer unique cultural perspectives--Ms. Aljijakli, coming from an Arab immigrant background and Ms. Kosseff, having lived in South America and having taught Spanish for several years. Ms. Aljijakli and Ms. Kosseff share their passion and dedication for helping immigrants to succeed and live a normal life in the United States. Contact Aljijakli & Kosseff, LLC to learn how we can assist you with your immigration problem.